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Here you will find the links to articles that feature my photography works.


July 27, 2017

loveDANCEmore's review of "Tides"

"Tides intended to explore how life changes while also remaining the same." - Liz Ivkovich writes in her review of "Tides". This review marked the third time in a row that my photographs are featured on loveDANCEmore. Check out the article to see what else Liz has to say about this lovely evening!


July 24, 2017

loveDANCEmore's review of "Panoramic Throat"

"Panoramic Throat" by Keith Johnson/Dancers was presented by Sugar Space Arts Warehouse through the grants received from WESTAF, NEA, and ZAP. In this review, Temria Airmet articulates her perspective on the evening while providing readers essential context to better understand the works.

%22Homeward%22 Dress Rehearsal-92.jpg

July 18, 2017

loveDANCEmore's review of "Homeward"

"Homeward" by Dan Mont-Eton enjoyed a successful run, and Emma Wilson's review of the show for loveDANCEmore vividly portrays the physicality and mentality that builds the cornerstones for this piece. It is a must-read whether you came to the show or missed it!

%22They Remisnisce%22 - The Bboy Federation-124.jpg

July 12, 2017

SLUG Magazine's review of "They Reminisce"

My photographs that I took for "They Reminisce" - a show by The Bboy Federation that aims to educate Salt Lake City audiences on the culture and history of Hip-hop & Bboy - are featured in the SLUG Magazine's review of the show by Connor Brady. Check it out!


April 25, 2017

SLUG Magazine's interview with "Suite Space" choreographers

You favorite trio choreographers - Brooklyn Draper, Samijo Kougioulis, and Nichelle Van Portfleet - are back with another interview with Kathy Rong Zhou for SLUG Magazine about their upcoming show "Suite Space". Come show them your support this weekends April 28-29!


April 21, 2017

Salt Lake City Weekly's interview with "Suite Space" choreographers

Brooklyn Draper, Samijo Kougioulis, and Nichelle Van Portfleet are putting on a show called "Suite Space". Check out their interview with Gavin Sheehan from Salt Lake City Weekly that features some of the photographs I took for their promotional campaign, and to learn about them and their works!